Ashdon Farms 2013 Girl Scout Products Kosher and Allergen Information

Items listed in the "Contains" column are ingredients in the product.

Items listed in the "May Contain" column are potentially present in the product due to shared process equipment.

Please Note: Due to the prevalance of nuts in our facility we do not recommend that individuals with an allergy to any nut variety consume our products.

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For answers to common questions related to product labeling and nutrition check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Product ContainsMay ContainGluten FreeKosher
Almond Cran-Orange CrunchAlmonds, Egg, MilkPeanuts, Other Tree NutsYESOU-d
Blueberry Pomegranate CrunchAlmonds, Cashews, PecansPeanuts, Other Tree Nuts, MilkYesOU
Butter Toasted PeanutsPeanuts, MilkTree NutsYesOU-D
Caramel TreasuresMilk, Soy, CoconutPeanuts, Tree NutsYesOU-D
Cashews (All Sizes)CashewsPeanuts, Other Tree NutsYesOU
Chocolate Covered AlmondsMilk, Soy, AlmondsPeanuts, Other Tree NutsYesOU-D
Chocolate Covered Peanuts - PannedPeanuts, Milk, SoyTree NutsYesOU-D
Chocolate Covered PretzelsMilk, Soy, WheatPeanuts, Other Tree NutsNoOU-D
Chocolate Covered RaisinsMilk, SoyPeanuts, Tree NutsYesOU-D
Chocolate Pecan TuttlesPecans, Milk, SoyPeanuts, Other Tree Nuts, WheatnoOU-D
Chocolate Toffee AlmondsAlmonds, Milk, SoyPeanuts, Other Tree NutsYesOU-D
Cranberry Nut MixPeanuts, Coconut, Almonds, WalnutsOther Tree NutsYesNot Kosher
Dark Choc Covered PretzelsMilk, Wheat, SoyPeanuts, Tree NutsNoOU-D
Deluxe Pecan ClustersPecans, Soy, MilkPeanuts, Other Tree Nuts, WheatNoOU-D
Double Chocolate TrufflesMilk, SoyPeanuts, Tree NutsYesOU-D
Dulce de Leche OwlsMilk, SoyPeanuts, Tree NutsYesOU-D
English Butter ToffeeMilk, Soy, AlmondsPeanuts, Other Tree Nuts, WheatNOOU-D
Fruit SlicesNonePeanuts, Other Tree NutsYesNot Kosher
Gourmet BlendCashews, Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, PecansPeanuts, Other Tree NutsYESOU
Gourmet Caramel Corn with Almonds & PecansAlmonds, Pecans, Milk, SoyPeanuts, Other Tree NutsYESOU-D
Gummi BerriesNonePeanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy, MilkNoNot Kosher
Honey Roasted PeanutsPeanutsTree NutsYesOU
Hot Cajun CrunchPeanuts, Wheat, CoconutTree NutsNoNot Kosher
Mint Chocolate PenguinsMilk, SoyPeanuts, Tree NutsYesOU-D
Morning Mountain MixAlmonds, Walnuts, MilkPeanuts, Other Tree Nuts, WheatNoNot Kosher
Peanut Butter BearsPeanuts, Milk, SoyTree NutsYesOU-D
PistachiosPistachiosPeanuts, Other Tree NutsYesOU
Salsa MixPeanuts, Milk, Wheat, Soy, AlmondsOther Tree NutsNoNot Kosher
Wasabi AlmondsAlmonds, Wheat, SoyPeanuts, Other Tree Nuts, MilkNoOU